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Default Re: My BFG 6800GT dying? (Unique situation)

Yes, I clean it thoroughly every 3-4 months, I even take off the little metal plate. I don't want to take off the heatsink and fan, because it might void my warranty. I did email support, and they had this to say:
he temperatures seem fine, and you have obviously tried several different drivers. In order to accurately troubleshoot this problem, I would appreciate if you could send the specifications of your power supply(watts,volts,amps,ect.) as well as the IRQ assignment of your card. This can obtained by going into Device Manager, selecting View, then Resource by Type, and then Interupt Request. Your card should be alone, on a spot in anywhere between IRQ 5 and IRQ 15. If this is not the case you should consult Microsoft Knowledge Base article # 299340 for manual reassignment of IRQs.
but the problem is, the knowledge base they sent me to you must either re-installs drivers (I did about 7 times!) or you must upgrade or re-install Windows XP!

my reply:
The power supply is:
Voltage ranges:103-132VAC or 206-264VAC RMS switch selectable
Input freguency:50-60Hz
Input current:10A for 115VAC, 5A for 230VAC
30amps @+5volts
normal current 24A
Short-circuit/ Over current/ Over voltage/ Over power/ Under voltage/ Electric shock free protection
**note** It has 2 fans to cool the power supply

The knowledge base you sent me to, is for forcing a HAL during an installation or upgrade of Windows XP. I have already re-installed Windows once (including the activation junk), and the only other way to force it is to install new drivers (Knowledge base says to update drivers in. I have done that several times already, as you can see from all the driver installs. My Video card is on IRQ16 (I have 22). On a side note, I did right click on the video card properties, and went to resources, and it said I have no conflicts.
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