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Default Re: My BFG 6800GT dying? (Unique situation)

The KB article the previous tech refered you to was only to be used if you
were having IRQ issues, as he stated. It's probably not an IRQ issue though;
there are two things that regularly cause the issues you're seeing. The first
is a bad card, and if we can narrow it down to that, we'll go ahead and
replace it for you.
The other possibility we need to look into is that of power and thermal
issues. Please download PC Wizard from
and install it. Once you have PC Wizard open, click on the icon that looks
like a meter (bottom right icon in the group at the top left) and let us know
the values for:
CPU Temp (C):
GPU Temp (C):
my reply:

The values are:

CPU Temp (C): 25c
GPU Temp (C): 63c
12V: 11.19v
5V: 3.68v
3.3V: 3.25v
BFG's reply to that:
Looks like it's time to replace your power supply. Your 12V needs to be
between 11.8 and 12.2, and your 5V between 4.85 and 5.15, or close to there,
for decent performance. Having a 12 and 5 that low could (and quite possibly
has) fried your motherboard. I'd say replace the power supply, and if you get
the same behaviour, we'll go ahead and replace the card, as the PSU may have
damaged the card. If the new card you receive is getting the same issues,
than your power supply fried your motherboard, and you'll need to replace that
as well.
whaddaya think? Why has it lasted this long if it's the power supply frying my mobo?

I sent this back:

Then why has it lasted this long if my motherboard is fried? And my power supply also supplies all my hard drives, CD-ROM drives, CPU, RAM, Video, plus my Logitech steering wheel, Mouse, a small LED light, Sound card, wireless network card, and a spare USB add in card? all since Mid December? (2 months)
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