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Default Re: first display on twinview

Originally Posted by darryn.smith
I too have this very same issue.

I love my nVidia... but this problem is driving me crazy.

I have a DFP 26" on the DVI port, and a spare 15" LCD on the VGA port. The 26" one is my primary monitor (size, specs etc.)

I wanted the older monitor for spare applications like GAIM, console, status stuff etc.. But gdm makes it the primary..

SO.. to those at nVidia. Can you give us an update?
Temporary solution can be, if you dont use nview but two X screen definition instead. It is well documented in README of nvidia driver. I use a 19" and a 15", and could make 19" the primary. (Okay, you cannot move windows from one desktop to another, but still it is working like a charm, and Gnome desktop handles it as a new desktop, so quite usable)
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