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Default Re: My BFG 6800GT dying? (Unique situation)

Originally Posted by Geekusdeekus
Right I ran that program with my temps in another window but the card would only go up to 84 degrees C and up to that eveything was fine. ThenI played COD2 for about an hour and all was well. This morning I turned my comp on to play COD2 and about 15 minutes into it the screen went loopy and froze and the computer restarted.
I took the card to bits and re applied arctic silver instead of the normal paste, and cleaned any dust out, which surprisingly there was hardly any of. I then reinstalled the card and turned on the computer, 10 minutes into COD2 and the same happened again.

I have just been and bought a POV 6200 TC card (just to test if it is the card) and I have installed it and again ran COD2, all seems to be well so far, only time will tell. If the problem was actually the card it should have dissappeared now, and will give me a good excuse to buy a top card for once.

Oh by the way, I ran that diagnostic tool and all my voltages are fine except my 12v is actually 11.13 volts, could this be a casue?
If your 12 v rail dips below 12 volts that is definitely a problem. I recommend you get a neo power.
This one I paid 150$ for and its now 105$. Its got two 12 volt rails at 18 amps apiece.
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