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Default Re: My BFG 6800GT dying? (Unique situation)

Originally Posted by Shamrock
That first number is the GPU core temp. The CPU temp usually hovers around 33c, 35 at full load. ambient inside the case is around 31-33 at full load (I have 8 case fans), how I got the temps, is in the NVidia control panel, where it says Temperature settings (You can also set how high the GPU can go before threshold exceeds).
OK, just checking, cause sometimes people pull the numbers from the BIOS, or some utility that measures system temps, and then just reports that. Your ambient and all isn't bad then...

I have the receipt! it's 9/18/04

It started about mid December of 2005 (so maybe about 2 months?)
This could be a problem, beings that we're now in 2006. 2 months is a bit late for a return to store however, which leaves one having to deal with the company. Many stores do exchanges, no questions asked, but require the exchange within 30 days.

BFG might or might not decide to put you through the ringer, albeit, the voltages you had claimed for your PSU do seem a bit low. Not that the PSU has necessarily gone bad, but rather it might just not be beefy enough to supply your current drawing needs, and keep the voltages sufficiently high enough. The drops are likely do to heavy load on the rails.

3.68 v on the 5 volt rail, I would most definitely question, and your 12 volt rail is too low also. Your 3.3 volt rail looks fine. You might want to try a bigger PSU, to see if this helps evelvate those voltages some. As someone said, 11.8 volts+ for a 12 volt rail would be more ideal, and as to your 5 volt, it's got hardly anymore voltage, then your 3.3 volt rail...

If a bigger PSU doesn't help, I'd definitely RMA that card, and it's possible it should have been RMA'd last year. Just get back to the tech then, and tell them the bigger PSU hasn't done a thing to alleviate the problem, if this proves the case...
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