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Default Re: 6800nu agp to 6800gs agp?

Yes, I've done some research, though as I said, there's something of a lack of good coverage and comparison.

I don't see the 7800 agp as being equivalent to the 7800 pci/e. I've seen the 6800gs agp for $210, the 7800 for $309. You hit it right on the head, the question for me isn't the money as much as it is the relative value. If the 6800gs agp ISN'T a sizable jump in performance, than I'm willing to wait until the fall when I do the major upgrade of my whole comp.

Originally Posted by mike2h
have you done any research at all? you are talking about spending over $200 on an incremental speed boost. going to the 7800 not only gives you a substantial speed boost but lets you utilise things like transparent aliasing. it also runs cooler than the 6800core.
i assume by apps you mean games. i noticed a difference between my 6800gt @ ultra(wich is now in my wifes comp) & the 7800gs. do not know if you will(though you should) because there are to many variables involved.
imo, anybody that is willing to spend over $220 on an agp card & does not wait to come up with another $70 to buy the 7800gs is really missing the boat.
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