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Originally posted by sdmark2002
Skipparoo get a f-ing life. This discusion can be sumed up one way, Skipparoo is a noob. How many of you people use this Nvidia card for doing CAD Drafting or Video Editing I would imagine none. So there is no serious discusion that would or should ensue from such a noob statement. Its a f-ing game video card, if it were anything else most of you couldn't affrod it.
So Skipparoo get a f-ing life.
by the way I like the size and look of my icons and text @ 1280x1024, not to mention the thousands of dollars I make from using Nvidia Cards doing Graphic Artwork every year.
Your Probably right as 99% of this Forum uses their NVidia cards for Games, but lots of CAD/3D users do use them also, mostly NVidia Quadro line of cards though as they made to have the Features a 3D app requires, I'm one of the 1% here that uses it for 3D apps and have switched from 1280x1024 > 1280x960 cause of the squashed look, I personally dont think the Industry should have decided on this 5:4 aspect ratio to be added as a standard but this my opinion and im sticking to it, heres a huge thread on the same topic thats existed for quite some time:

Click Complete Thread (32 articles) up near the top.

All the original thread starter here had to do is search google groups and we wouldn't be discussing this topic.

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