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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

People still playing? lol

I basically go through spurts. PLay hard for a week then get bored and maybe play for a few hours here and there for a couple of weeks. My account is actually up on the 03/01. Debating on renewing.

Thing is I finally settled on my 60 rogue on the rp/pvp server laughinghoof. I've yet to join a guild with him and have him in all blues, epic mount and doing great in faction rep. I baically just wanted to use him for world pvp(since bg gets boring in about 20 minutes) but now with everyone starting to run the higher instances and getting epics he's starting to lag behind(especially weapons).

So I've been running instances when I can, not easy being a dime a dozen rogue and really not easy being unguilded. People assume right away you're a farmer lol. I actually ran 3 instances sunday(most i ever did in a row). Couple of the guys on the 5 man were in the same guild and in a to do well guild who really enjoyed the way I played. Asked me to join and to check out their website first. So I did, very well put togther site. Checked out their roster and they have about 14 lvl 60's, not 1 rogue(lvl 52 is their highest rogue) which for instance would work really well for me and gear, being no competition and senority. Anyways I may join if I renwe my account.

It's just so easy to get bored of this game and if it wasn't for this community actually still pulling off 100 vs 100 plus raids at tm(amongst other areas) and ss often, I'm not sure I'd have any interest. World PVP is my only interest. I really wish they'ed release a server with a seperate reward system for world pvp or just have a serverwhich doesnt have bg's at all. Not to mention what BG's has done to the server AH pricing with stupid twinking. Lvl 20 blue items going fo 100g lmao.

Also a huge bummer is with the expansion. I mean wtf, won't be out until near chrismas? SOE is rolling out x-packs ever 2 months. Whats up with that? Surly with the claimed 4 million subscribes paying $15/month that should easily allow them the resources to get this thing done. Then again they struggle on reviewing and fixing a class. What is there, 3 people working there? lol
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