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Default TwinView Problem With Two CRTs


I'm using GeForce Gx6200 TD TurboCache Nvidia graphics card. My OEM card has one CRT one DVI-I output. I'm trying to get dual head display on my Xorg server. The problem is I couldn't make it work with one CRT and other CRT using Analog converter. When I plug one CRT and one DVI monitor it works, but with two CRTs attached with connector, I got same view on both monitors.

I'm not quite sure what causes that but it seems like nvidia driver could not get proper information from my CRT as it queries information from an LCD monitor.

Is there a way to make drivers to simulate second monitor as CRT instead of LCD?

What makes me thing that it is possible is, I do get different views when I plug LCD monitor instead of CRT with same configuration. With double CRT what I only get is a wider desktop but left view on both monitors instead of right view is on right monitor.

Also, nvidia does not detect the second monitor if I don't supply the ConnectedMonitors (or something) as 'CRT, DVI' (of course I do not write DVI but the equivalent of DVI - LPD or something) with second CRT is attached with VGA converter.

Here's the Nvidia Driver information:
NVIDIA Corporation compiled for 4.0.2, module version = 1.0.7667
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