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Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R
Actually 32bpp takes no performance hit over 16bpp with aa and af or not. Also doesn't matter what res.
with what card are we talking about. i can definitely see the difference in framerate in good old Counter-Strike with 2x FSAA and 8X AF in 16bit or 32bit color. someone throws a smoke bomb in 32bit color, the fps drops lower than it would in 16bit.

i'm pretty sure that you would see some differences with a GF3 at 1280X1024 once you throw FSAA into the mix, even without FSAA probably(in video card limited situations). only time 32bit and 16bit should be the same is in CPU limited sitautions. of course with newer chips like GF4 with more efficient handling of bandwidth, there is less and less or a hit as the card is CPU limited in most situations.
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