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Default Re: TwinView Problem With Two CRTs

I do not use KVM switch, but I use dvi to analog converter to use dvi output of my video card.

The reason 1280x1024+1280+0 has no meaning, it's there because I tried everything I found over web, and it just left like that, but for sure I tried 1280x1024, 1280x1024 as well. And it had the same result.

To express the situation clearly I can say, I have a wide workspace when I have twinview on, and the right half of it is not visible on both monitors. Both of the monitors show the left half of this workspace, for example. I can move the window to right half, however it gets out of view. (On both monitors I have the same image).

I'll do what you told to me. Btw, if I remove the ConnectedMonitors I only got one monitor size workspace, (on both monitors) and I had in logs something about only one monitor found.

I want to repeat that when I don't use the dvi to analog converter, and instead plug a DVI LCD monitor, I got a flawless twinview desktop. The problem must be related with the dvi to analog converter, and I really couldn't understand why I can't make it just show the rigth view on the dvi output.

I'll put the detailed log. But if there's a way to ignore checking of LCD or something, please tell me so.
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