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Default Re: Scoop on- D&D:Online Stormreach

I have been playing since early beta and am continuing through the retail till Vanguards. Its a great game if your into complete group oriented quests. Its not made for power gamers at all since the level cap is at 10, but if you looking for a deep story and great quests/adventures then I highly recommend it.

Alot of quests play out very differently and each class has a unique roll but the game doesn't force you to play with the ideal group. While the character models don't differ much in appearance they do have some great customization within the skills thanks to the D&D system. My rogue might not be the best fighter (with 8 Con I got no HP) but I am maxed out on disabling and unlocking so I can open any unbarred door (If it can be opened with a Key I can pick it).
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