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Default Re: TwinView Problem With Two CRTs

But do you connect them with DVI to VGA converter? If my card has two VGA output I doubt it would cause any trouble.

Btw, when I plug a DVI LCD as second monitor it works, I tried it like, I started X then I changed the outpu from DVI LCD to CRT using DVI to analog converter. Then suddenly that damn CRT monitor started to show left half of virtual space again.

Also I noticed that, when a real DFP monitor is plugged, It says EDID provided 1280x1024 added to modes, and when it was CRT it was using 1024x768 added to modes. However I run my desktop at 1280x1024, both monitors are same and they support this modes.

Anyways, I really belive that this is a bug in driver or smoething that sends CRT output to CRT monitors, and since both of them are CRT it sends same output to both of them. I wish I had a chance to try it with windows, but I only use linux.
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