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Default I Wanna Go Back!!

Hello, The installation of an ASUS8N-VM motherboard was finally completed, but sadly, there was the necessity of going back to Windows in order to get back on line. The drivers that came with the install CD were not compatible with my Linux distro Xandros.
Does anyone have any suggestions for a 64-bit Linux distro?
My main uses are surfing the net and playing Chess on the Internet Chess Club, and one with a user friendly partitioner. Parted that came with Xandros was something that remains a mystery. Despite numerous attempts, I could never figure out what parted considered a "valid partition number".
Linux makes me feel like a kid in a candy store!!!! There is always a new distro to try!!!!!!!!! And isn't it nice to know exactly what is, and is not on your computer?
Any tips, pointers, suggestions, hints, hints, advice is not only welcome, but desperately needed!!!
T Thank you for your patience!
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