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Originally posted by Bigus Dickus
How can people keep deluding themselves by thinking NVIDIA will release the NV35 just a couple of months after the NV30???
I think ya need glasses Let me quote myself:

Originally posted by Uttar
Their next "high-end" product will probably be in store for Q2 2003
Who the heck talked about the NV35 here? What i meant is that the successor to the NV30 will be in store for Q2 2003. That card could be a little overclocked version of the NV30. Or it could be something like the NV32.

And if it's the NV35, it won't have any major changes i guess, they won't have the time to work a lot on it.
Look at the R250. Logically, according to the name, it should have major architectural changes. Good luck finding that!

On that next high-end chip, i think they'll mostly increase a few specific systems performance: better aniso, new mode of AA ( same as quincux, but for 4x instead of 2x ) , ...
Nothing major, but still pretty nice

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