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Talking Automated script for RH 8.0 kernel update and nforce mobo

This is for nforce motherboard using onboard video, audio and nic. Red 8.0

It's a pain every time RH updates the kernel. You have a lot of typing to do get things working again. I finally got tired of it and wrote the following script to "semi-automate" the process.

This assumes you already have x working with RH 8.0 and "just" need to update the kernel.

It also assumes you have all kernel headers and dependencies installed. (If not, you wouldn't have been able to get it working in x in the first place).

In case you didn't go to system settings>packages and in the developement section choose Kernel developement package and install the whole thing.

This script also assumes you have downloaded the following 3 files from Nvidia:

My user name is marty, I created /home/marty/update

I put the 3 files in update along with the script.

To create the script, just paste the following into the editor of your choice and name the file "update" (or whatever you want). IMPORTANT!! After you save the file, you must change its permissions to allow execute, or it won't run.

Finally, here is the script:

mv /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-4191.i386.rpm NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-4191.i386.rpm.old
rpm -e NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-4191
rpm -e NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-4191
rpmbuild --rebuild NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-4191.src.rpm
rpm -ivh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-4191.i386.rpm
rpmbuild --rebuild NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-4191.src.rpm
rpm -ivh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-4191.i386.rpm
rpm -e NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0248
rpmbuild --rebuild NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0248.src.rpm
rpm -ivh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0248.rpm

To use this, you need to edit /etc/inittab
Change id:5:initdefault: to id:3:initdefault:

You can now use the RedHat updater to update your kernel.

On reboot, the system will start in Run Level 3
log in as root
cd to wherever you put the files (in my system it's /home/marty/update)

Execute the update script you just made by typing "./update"

After the whole mess runs, you will be at a prompt. Type "startx" to get x running again.

edit /etc/inittab again and change 3 back to 5

reboot the machine to let kudzu find the sound and nic. Tell it to migrate over the old settings.

Everything should now work as before.

It's now "easy" to update your kernel when they release a new one. Just change run level 5 to 3, install the new kernel, reboot, run the script, change run level 3 back to 5 and reboot. Done!
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