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Default Re: Scoop on- D&D:Online Stormreach

soe ****tiest company ever ? wtf are you on about ?

ive played a hell of a lot of games both online and and offline, and im rather impressed with SOE's attitude towards its fanbase, and its constant updates of the game, i love it.

building the teleport spires to KoS was the lastest live event and ive never had so much fun, in any game ever period. The whole server was involved over a couple of days, and at the end dragons popped in 6 zones, great time had by all

And the new AA system and KoS rocks, i havent tried pvp yet, but i hear they are having a blast.

i guess you didnt get into a good guild, or get any love from the devs, or travelled down the wrong path in game and had a few bad experiences but ive never had any probs with customer service, players or devs in fact the CS were quite helpfull the one time i ever needed em.

your like one of those people that comes into the chat room when the servers go down for an update and whinge about the servers being down arent you ?

so i'd like to know exactly what you base your opinion off ?

Im also totally addicted to eq2 :P

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