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Default Re: Scoop on- D&D:Online Stormreach

Originally Posted by Sgt_Pitt
so i'd like to know exactly what you base your opinion off ?
Lets see I played EQ1 for 5 years, they had a set policy against people who sold items or characters... they did not accept it at all. No matter if you were the seller or buyer, you were banned... end of story. Now? As long as you buy the character through their auction system on their custom server its all "a ok".

They also seem to change any feature or aspect of the game as long as people complain hard enough. Back in the EQ1 days, they said thats how the game was suppose to be. No choice in the matter.

How about rushing a game so early to the market that they have to do drastic changes to its gameplay system acouple months after release, causing confusion and just annoyance to its player base. They have done this now to ALL of their MMORPGs, especially SWG and EQ2. Both games had a steep system that people accepted.

To say you know SOE because you play EQ2 doesn't say much, They are one of the worse MMO companies out there. I hope Vanguards opens people's eyes to how a MMO should be.
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