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Default Re: Scoop on- D&D:Online Stormreach

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Nah, They just did alot of class balancing that needed to be done, players are pissed because they finally were brought down to the proper level.

They never did anything on the level of what SOE has done to their games... Completly changed SWG, Changed its combat system twice, changed EQ2's combat system with rumors of a second go coming, made alot of drastic changes to spells and combat in EQ1 after the 4th or 5th expansion, created a horrible engine for EQ1 with luclin that had horrible animations and ate memory quicker then any virus could. They just ruined basically every game they ever worked on...

sounds alot like uo, and that is still considered the best mmo ever. Sounds alot like blizzard in their year long beta. you knwo the two completely different games wow became? Now its the highest selling mmo game ever in na/europe. Sounds alot like what ncsoft did with lineage, which is now the highest selling mmo in asia/sp ever. Wierd the strangest thing is had blizzard not did what it did in beta, it would have went to 2 core audiances rather then having a bit of everything like it does now. and EQ2 would be the highest sub based mmo in na/europe. Yet somehow people would still find ways of saying sony sucks and is a failure. the best ones are the servers that all buying selling through their market. People love to complain about that as iof it effects them if they play on non market servers.

The fact is people are just stating their personal opinions on these companies, which are based on experiances that upset them. They usually have nothing to do with how good the company is at trying to provide a good experiance for as many users as possible. In my opinion anything that expands the mmo market is a very good thing.
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