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Default Sol 10 and Inno 6600 AGP 128MB - blank screen

Recently I started to play with X on Solaris.
Until now I have used Solaris (9) for server purposes, mostly headless, so I didn' t have much to do with X.
Until now.
The problem is:
after a fresh Solaris 10 install, the Xorg server runs smoothly with the nv drivers. I can configure it to whatever resolution/refresh rate my monitor can bear. That is OK.
if I install the nVidia drivers (that is, 'nvidia' in Xorg conf), according to the sticky topic on this forum, after a restart, the screen goes blank, and that's it. Well, after a minute or so, the screen comes back for a second, but even then I can only see the console. After a second it goes blank again, and the monitor sleeps.

If I play around with the horizontal/vertical frequencies, nothing changes. If I explicitly set the resolution/refresh rate to 640x480 60Hz, blank screen too.

Secondly, there aren't any EE or WW lines in the Xorg.0.log that are relevant (one is for bad bios checksum, for example, which I produced in conjunction with the temperature sensing settings ) - at least comparing it to the Xorg.0.log of the nv driver.

(Will attach the log and the xorg.confs in the next post; now I'm under Windows )

One more strange thing, what I have just discovered:
if I run xorg-config (or xorgcfg ... the one with the graphical frontend ), from a terminal window, I can see in the terminal, that Xorg loads and unloads all available modules. I can even choose them on the config-gui later, with the exception of nvidia.
But nothing special is written onto the terminal windows' output, it just loads it, and unloads it, just as for example the savage, or wmware modules.
But still, I can not choose it...
I have an nForce2 Shuttle XPC, and only have a Realtek8139 nic in it, besides my vga.

Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading it, anyway!

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