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Default LeadTek 6800 128mb Low performance

Hi guys,

I need a little help. I just bought a Leadtek 6800 128mb and im having some issues with Counter Strike Source. My stress test do not go above 90 fps nor below it. Ive checked the fps_max setting and its 999. I can use all graphics in High or Low, I only get about 90 fps in the stress test. Now, playing the game, on a server with 10 players, for instance, i get 30 or less fps.

Im using the latest Forceware drivers also.

My specs are: P4 2.8E, Msi NEO-2 PE (i865), 2x Samsung 40gb 7200 IDE, Soundblaster Live 7.1, Generic 500W PSU, 768mb DDR 400mhz generic RAM.

Im pretty sure its a memory or PSU problem, but in the Nvidia Properties page. I get OS as using AGP 2x, also.

Ill format my PC and reinstall Windows XP tonight anyway. I also thinking about testing Windows Vista.

Tks in advance!

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