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Default Possibe bug in the i82555 PHY Gigabit Ethernet driver

Motherboard: ASUS K8N-E (Nforce3) with integrated i82555 PHY Gigabit Ethernet interface.
System: Linux 2.6.15-3 on Debian Sid.
Nvidia driver package used:

The installation: the motherboard is installed in the NFS server, the client is connected to the Gigabit Ethernet interface. NFS server software used is nfs-kernel-server version 1:1.0.7-3 (Debian Sid).

The problem: file corruption occuring when copying files from the NFS server by the client. There's no corruption then the client copies files to the same server, only then copying from the server. The corruption is not random; several copies of same file result in identically corrupted files (yes, I did umount shares and restart the server to make sure no cached version of the file gets in the way).

Steps taken to solve the problem: connecting the client to an add-on Realtek 8139 Fast Ethernet card solved the problem.

Uninstalling nfs-kernel-server and replacing it with nfs-user-server also solves the problem, which leads me to think that it is a bug in the Nvidia driver.
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