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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

Originally Posted by pe1chl
Could it be that one of the "sync to VBLANK" options is enabled?
I doubt that the X11 driver respects the "sync to VBLANK" options or at least I don't think X supports synced rendering.

With slow I mean I can't scroll fluently through kwrite, the Xorg process takes up to 99% CPU. Yes its very noticeable - with my FX5200 scrolling is absolutly no problem, but on my 6600 it maybe renders 2-3fps, just for scrolling AAed text.
Slow means REALLY nerving for serious work and since I am a programmer and sometimes use KDevelop - now I took my FX5200 and use that one now. I am disappointed.

By slow we mean damn slow - you can see the text being rendered.
AA fonts just seem not to be accelerated....
Definitivly, I firt thought that I had renderaccel diabled but enabling it brought exactly null speed increase. No difference wether grayscale AA or subpixel rendering is used.

lg Clemens

PS: Maybe anybody experiencing thsi problem should send Nvdia the bug-report file together with a link to this discussion?
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