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Originally Posted by elanthis
Even once NVIDIA releases updated drivers, you won't be able to use Compiz in a regular X server until you upgrade to a version with AIR (Accelerated Indirect Rendering) support, which is part of the AIGLX branch that hasn't yet been merged into the trunk, much less been in an official release.
Incorrect. This misperseption seems to be very widespread. The nvidia drivers have supported Accelerated Indirect rendering for years now. All Red Hat did was add support to the DRI driver infrastruction. On top of that, Accelerated Indirect is not a feature requirement for compiz, it just offers a performance boost (albeit a substantial one)

The *only* thing missing from the nvidia drivers is texture_from_pixmap support. When you have drivers with that extension, you will be able to run compiz with the stock Xorg server.
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