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Default Xorg slowness

I have been tring a couple of units out on Solaris Express Build 28.

I have a Sun badged U20 with NV37GL card (FX 280 pcie) this delivers 15 frames a second via Xorg for GL planatery gears.

I have a Broadberry (motherboard NFUK8AA-8EKRS) with NV43GL (FX540 pcie) card delivering 1FPS for the same screen saver.

If I place the (FX540) in the Sun badged it tops out at 25FPS so the card is good. If I put linux on the broadberry I get >15FPS with the same server.

So what is going wrong with Xorg on Solaris x86 on this particular motherboard. I should say I have been using generic nv as the driver all the time rather than nvidia which will not kernel load for some reason.

I should say both units pass the sun compatability CD released recently.

Now stumped looks like I will have to restrict thes units to linux/winders installs only.

Cheers Vin
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