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Default Re: Linux (Debian) and nForce4 SATA/NIC problems

The drives are plugged into the only 2 SATA (1 and 2) ports on the mainboard I'm not using the nVidia RAID by the way.

Another Distro would give me some trouble, since I've been testing a certain Linux Config on Debian, and under debian all the required packages are easily installed without wasting time compiling and finding dependecie for them.

Since Ubuntu is also Debian based, I could try that distro, but the Ubuntu distro's have older kernels then the versions propperly supporting sata_nv during install like debian etch does have...

I'm suspecting that these maxtor drives, although they have different firmware, are also having problems with the nForce4 chipset, however, since these are SATA1 (I know, SATA1/2 is not correct naming, but for clarity used) I'm afraid I'd have to doubt that...
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