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Rob C.
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Originally posted by Anthaus
All nVidia cards are more or less the same in terms of installation. They all need nVidia's files. And since RH 7.3 has a buggy kernel (2.4.18-3) you have to upgrade it right after the installation to the latest (2.4.18-5). In that case you HAVE TO use the tarballs. And in order to use them you need the kernel-source and the make libraries.

There's no way around this.

C'mon, take out that voodoo card out of its box and give it a shot.
That is simply not true. You do not have to rebuild your kernel and you most definately don't have to use the tarballs.

From a default install of RH7.3 if you follow my instructions you are able to properly setup ANY nVidia card with acceleration via the RPM's nad no not the source RPM's!

nVidia RPM FAQ
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