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Default No DVI output with GeForce MX 440

I just bought an nVidia GeForce MX 440 with VGA, DVI and S-Video output. I have a monitor that only has DVI input (it's an old one), and I don't see anything on it. I'm talking about the initial text mode messages where it says which hard disks are connected to your IDE. I borrowed an analog CRT monitor, and I see the right output from the VGA. Is there some kind of dip-switch that I need to set on the card to enable DVI output? I know this is not driver related, since it's before the OS is even loaded.

Please advise.

Note: In the end, I would use this card under Linux, and I do have some problems with the nVidia driver for Linux, but that's that's for another thread (which I've already opened).
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