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Unhappy XFree86 4.01 & PciInfo.h


I'm running Xfree86 version 4.01 on my Mandrake 7.2 system. If downloaded the tarballs and installed eveything as supposed to. When I start x, it exits with the message it has found a proper setup, but it can't write the proper info to PciInfo.h

I cannot find this file, so I'd like to ask if anyone using Mandrake 7.2 or higher could give me his/her file or complete path to it, so I can create a file.

I find the X-installation very strange though, because it has both version 3.x and 4.01 next to each other. When I run Xconfigurator, it wants version 3.x style servers...


Roel Baardman (Holland)
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