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Default Knotify

I usually leave my computer on, and booted into SuSe overnight, because I do not like turning the computer on and off, and because I use a clock screensaver, that also appears on the TV, which is convenient for finding the time at night without turning on the lights.

However, when I awoke this morning, the monitor and the TV were flickering between a black screen and something that looked like a bootup screen. I rebooted, but it failed to get to desktop. I ran the installation repair and it now works okay, except that when I first reached desktop, it gave an error message that said that Knotify had crashed on the last reboot, and asked whether to disable the aRTs sound system. I skipped this, and it proceeded normally.

I ran Knotify through the SuSe Help function and it came up with zero information on this. So I'm wondering if anyone can fill me in?
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