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Default Re: Linux 7600 GT driver when?

Well thank you Lonni for a very specific answer. While I'm not overly happy about the release date, I'd like to say that I'm much happier with at least knowing. Very much appreciated. Overall, you guys do go the extra mile for us linux users, and I'm happy to support nVidia - If you need a beta tester for 'em, btw, I'd be happy to test :-P (I run gentoo linux)

In the future, just as a suggestion, (yes, I know it's not feasable to withhold a product for a driver on a platform that few people (in terms of a percentage base) use), maybe an announcement to the community (a sticky thread for instance here would have done wonders - I'd have checked an hour after giving up on the 8178 drivers and been back up and running on my old card last night, rather than waiting and spending a couple hours looking to see if maybe I missed something, etc) would be of major help. When a product is so new that few people who use linux have one (I got mine the 10th) that there's few posts about it on the forums, it can be a little difficult to find any suggestions, answers, etc. It took me a few trips to slashdot, Phoronix, and a couple other sites to realize that the drivers themself didn't support the card. So a sticky would have just gone a long way, even if you don't have an ETA on a driver release - just something stating "BTW, the 8178 series won't support these cards - next driver release will support X, Y, and Z, and we're hoping to release it soon" would go a very long way.

Anyway, thanks again for the answer, Lonni, and thanks for listening.

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