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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by FraGTastiK
Just guessing here.I have read somewhere that you can still continue to play original guildwars without buying Factions but people who have installed both might grow stronger than you because of the new gears they are likely to get from Cantha world.This would only make sense if they can bring those gears back to Tyria, so updates might have something to do with situations where you need to see Cantha related objects/skills on your Tyria only client.

I know something like this happened/is going to happen in CoH/CoV too, when player controlled heroes and villains meet.

Everyone needs to preload factions, because even if you don't play the factions campaign, people from the factions side of things will still be in the original game aswell, and you need that content supported.
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