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Default Re: Anyone playing EVE-Online?

Well here's an update.. After lots of research, some pratice and skill training, I ventured off to lower securty areas (0.4, 0.3, 0.2) Got my first PvP kill. then started getting more daring, and thus got myself blown up a whole bunch of times afterwards lol .. was pretty discouraging, but at least most of the people were good sports about it... Sooo, I went back to "rat" killing for a bit to pratice with a tweaked setup/approach, and then got in a few more PvP kills that boosted my spirits.. Battles can get much more involved and strategic, depending on your ship build and tactics... and thats just a small # of people.. I can't imagine those huge battles with literally hundreds of people on each side..

I kinda felt bad for one, cause I'm not sure he knew what was happening.. but hey, thats how my first death was like too (at least he sorta had a chance, my first death was by someone that I had literally no chance at all... I blink and suddenly my shields are gone and half my armor is ripped apart, from some guy that I can barely even register on the radar) I'm still a clueless small fish.. but I'm starting to see how I can climb up and start nawing on the slightly bigger fish..

Over the weekend, I was actually able to make a decent amount of money too, now that I'm "figuring out" how to play in the market and sell stuff from kills.

I'm about to hit the 1 million skill point milestone too... I think in a week or two, I'll have enough money to pilot a cruiser to take on some bigger enemies.. I think I'll have to join a proper corp soon, so I can start venturing in 0.0 sec space with groups..
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