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Arrow Solaris 10 X86, 6600, DualHead: Login-Screen moved halfway across the 2 screens ...

With my x86 and nvidia-drivers *8178, the 6600 with 2 vga CRTs connected,
sinlge screen is OK, nice high-res graphics thanks to driver "nvidia".

When going for dual-head as configured in the Xorg.conf with
Option "TwinView"
Intended Graphics-Res is 1024x768 for both monitors (they are a bit old, but huge

The X starting sequence is

- from text mode boot switch to graphics
- NVIDIA splash-screen correctly displayed and stretched across both monitors
= white and NVIDIA-Logo in the center
- SUN login-screen comes up, but strangely centered in the middle of both monitors,
odd, since this login-screen is only "one screen wide", which leaves
half a black screen on the left half of the left monitor and
half a blalk screen on the right half of the right monitor
- after login, a fraction of a second later, the SUN login-screen re-appeares (= no X)

The X log file Xorg.0.log does not tell any errors.
(Apart from one unreal keyboard error, also shown, when not trying Option TwinView)

This applies to Solaris 10 3/5 running a user with CDE and with Java-Desktop
(no differences wrt. the TwinView not succeeding).

What did I miss? It seems to almost succeed, but missing a final detail.
Thanks for any suggestions.
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