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Post I'm watching this thread, please don't stop!

Ah! Please don't end this thread unanswered, I'm watching and waiting for an answer myself!

I'm in almost the same boat as The Butler, the only difference for myself is that I've updated the kernel to 2.4.18-5 for athlon(Redhat 7.3). I'm also trying to use the SRPM and get the same compile error, so I've downloaded "kernel-2.4.18-5.src.rpm" from redhat and this is where I'm at now.

I'd really like confirmation on The Butler's inquiry as to whether

rpm -ivh kernel-source-whatever.src.rpm

is the correct procedure? Since I used -Uvh when I updated my kernel, I just want to make sure I shouldn't use -Uvh for the source also. (Man, I must sound REALLY new to this, how embarrasing)

I was also unable to find a kernel-header-source, so I'm hoping that the package I downloaded will be enough. Am I correct? (Is The Butler correct?)

Should I also download anything to do with GCC (Like I saw in an earlier post), I just noticed GCC3.2 was released yesterday (though who knows if I'd actually figure out how to install it).

Thanks much.
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