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Default How to deal with redhat kernel update

OK, I *think* I get it, but just to make sure:

I'm running redhat 8.0, and successfully have the Nvidia drivers running under kernel 2.4.18-19.0.

I've since grabbed a couple of kernel updates (most recently 2.4.18-26.8.0) , but when I choose them from Grub, X will not start.

I'm assuming I need to recompile using the new kernel source.

My question(s):

Is there a way to 'backup' the old drivers, or will the --force option essentially overwrite the 'old' drivers with the new ?

Do I need to uninstall the 'old' drivers before recompiling the new ones ?

Do I need to reinstall GLX, or just rebuild the drivers ?

Is there ANY way to toggle between kernels without totally recompiling the drivers ? Any relatively easy way to switch them in and out ?

Sorry for the probably newbie questions.......

Don Rieck
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