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System Specs

Motherboard: Asus a7v133
Memory: 384 PC-133
CPU: Athlon 800
Video: Palit Daytona Geforce4 ti 4200
Power: Antec 400w

No overclocking

I'll leave out other PCI cards as I've tried running without them several times.

Could be mobo, but it's strange, I loaded the detonator drivers that came with the video card (28.32) and got bad texture/triangle flashing in 3dmark 2001. I then loaded the detonator 30.82, and many of the tests run with little to no flicker.

For instance, the low detail car chase benchmark runs with no flashing textures, but the high detail car chase flickers badly. The dragon benchmark runs relatively free of flashing in both low and high tests, while the pixel shader tests - ESPECIALLY the advanced one - have terrible flickering triangles.

Warcraft 3 has bad flashing textures/triangles in D3D, but runs flawlessly in Opengl.

So, mobo problem it may be, but it's strange that performance would be better with the newest detonator drivers, and always flawless in Opengl. =/
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