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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

I decided to open this thread when I saw someone complaining at the forums at about this problem.
I have a PCIe-card (6600) so this problem seems not to be AGP specific.
btw. here we go:

If I plug my FX5200 in instead everything is fast and smooth - and that is what I do since as programmer I need fast glyph bliting.
I also guess this has nothing to do with QT since it just happens with a small series of Nvidia chipsets, all the time is eaten by Xorg.
Why is it sooo hard to look into it - when reading your changelogs I see tons of fixes in the drivers for broken code in games. This is serious 2d stuff and "we" have to battle against nvidia devs that this is really a driver bug.

lg Clemens
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