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Default Re: Anyone playing EVE-Online?

Originally Posted by Melhisedek
I'm finding myself having less and less time for playing WoW these days and as end game consists of raiding/PvP and I have 1-2 hours to play it looks like there is nothing more left for me to do in WoW. So I'm after a new MMO :P

EVE has always been a jewel but I never had balls to try it out, but I think the time has come :P
OK, I've been playing EVE since June '03. I still play daily, though not as much as I used to. So those are my credentials...

My biggest problem is time? Will I be able to play game 1-2 hours a day and still get things done? Even at higher levels?
First off, in EVE there's really no such thing as a "level". You build up points in different skills each of which allows you to do different things (there's hundreds of skills to choose from), each skill has a level from 1 to 5, but there's no overall level to a character.

The real bonus to EVE is that when you set a skill training it builds up skill points no matter what you're doing, even if you're not logged in. You don't get "XP" for doing stuff, XP just builds up over time. This is what makes it a great game to play if you don't get much time (eg. if you're an adult with a family!)... if you manage your skill training cleverly you won't fall behind those who are playing 24/7 (skill-wise).

Where you may fall behind if you don't play much is in financial terms, and also I guess in your personal (non-character) skill in PVP should you choose to go that route.

If I screw up with character making/customization/skills can I get it right later (like buy skills back or something) or am I stuck with gimped guy?
Overall the character creation has almost no impact on the long-term abilities of your char. There are no create-time-only skills, you can buy them all, and even your choice of attributes can be rebalanced to some degree by buying skills.

There are a few choices you can make that'll increase the speed at which you progress at the beginning, but after a few months it'll likely all have evened out.

I've read a few reviews and folks opinions and most of the negative stuff spells mining. I'm alright with mining/grinding in reasonable amounts but is there really that much mining so people quit because of it?
Mining is the easy route to making money, it's the low-risk route, but it's not the only route.

There are missions (EVE equivalent of quests), complexes (EVE equivalent of instances), or you can go NPC hunting in almost any solar system. All of these get you money without having to go mining.

It's quite possible to solo in the game, though really, honestly it's you'll not get the best experience if you do. The underlying concept behind the game is that everything is player-driven, ie. the economy, the politics, etc. That's the reason there's only one server, basically because there's only one Universe and we all have to live together.

Get yourself in a good corp that's going somewhere ASAP and you'll have a blast. Experienced players will help you develop quicker (give advice on training skills in the right order, for example). Good corps will have access to the outer regions of the Galaxy which is where all the Good Stuff(TM) is, the best ore to mine and the best NPCs to shoot. It's also where most of the PVP takes place.

Most decent corps will take on n00bs and train them up, they may give you ships, etc. at good prices to help you along. They may expect a return on investment (eg. corp mining once in a while), but if they ask more than you're prepared to give then just leave and go join another corp (there's lots to choose from!).

Another thing you shouldn't be too worried about is being two-years behind chars like mine(*). CCP have put in a lot of diversity and specialisation over the past year or so, there's lots of niches for a n00b to slip in to. OK you won't be flying Titans any time soon, but then neither will I! Corps need people to fulfill specific roles, be it mining, production, research, trade, logistics, management ... and that's just the non-combat stuff. There are many classes of ships to fly each with their own part to play in fleet battles. It's not possible to do everything, even for the 2-3 year old characters.

(*) There's mucho whinging on the forums about this, but it mostly comes from people who expect to be l33t within a fortnight of grinding 24/7. EVE really isn't that kind of game, it takes a while to get where you're going, but when it gets going it can hold you for a long time.

I played WoW for a month or two, compared to EVE it's very shallow. WoW = combat grind, and nothing else. EVE has an economy, a real one not just the silly AH in Ironforge. EVE has galaxy-wide politics, alliances of player-owned mega-corps all fighting each other. EVE has stuff you can do which makes you close to unique in the player base.
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