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Unhappy NVIDIA bugs...

Here some problem I've encounter with nvidia driver.

First of All here is my config :
Riva TNT2 XFree 4.3.0 Mandrake 9.1RC2 (kernel 2.4.21)

I've compiled the NVIDIA_KERNEL and NVIDIA_GLX from source (1.0-4191) with gcc 3.2.2 (with flag IGNORE_CC_MISMATCH)

All works after modifying my XFree86 config file (driver="nvidia" and load GLX) ...

But here are my problems (without nvidia driver but default one from XFree(nv) all is correct) :

- when I launch an application that require OpenGL, sometimes (50% of the time) it's hang completely my computer (in fact my computer seem to work fine (downloads, servers, etc...), except that keyboard and mouse doesn't work anymore

- when I launch an application that require OpenGL but didn't hang my computer (the other 50% of the time), all seems hang for about 2-3 seconds and after that delay everything works fine

- finally when I set in GNOME a theme with textures over control (like smokey-blue), the textures are corrupted (works fine without NVIDIA driver)

So if someone could tells me : "Yes that's NVIDIA driver issues and it will be corrected in other releases", I would thank him :-)

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