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Default Re: 7800GTX 4400 3dmark05 2slow!

Originally Posted by vert305
I scored a 8499 on my 3dmark05 test

i looked up other peoples test who were at the same speeds as me and average was around 10,000

AMD 4400
Core Speed (2211.3Mhz)
2gb OCZ ram
7800gtx - Core clock 450MHz - Memory Clock - 1200MHz

I have not overclocked yet. i just set my system up last night!

Does anyone have any tweaks i might be able to try out! .. i already installed the HOTFIX for duel core in windows.

but this is my first time with a 7800gtx!

my drivers on that are 81.26 ( i use those drivers b/c i have Windows MCE and the newest drivers will not install on my computer)
I did 8800 with fx-55 , 2 g of ocz and 7800 gtx so your score is fine.
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