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Hi guys, I felt I had to put my two cents in on this.

Mike C. is an outstanding stand up guy. I have had the pleasure of meeting with him in person, (don't forget my picture of his bald head I posted) and working with him over the phone and email. The fact that someone owuld question his integrity is ludicrous. I have not always agreed with him on every subject, but I do respect him and his opinion.

As far as site bias, realize we who work at "fan sites" have to walk an extremely fin line. As we grow, we want to branch out into other topics and manufacturers. However, most competing companies are reluctant to give us a chance, and we risk pissing off the people who helped us out when we were extremely small and helped us grow.

Over at 3DGPU we try to be honest with our opinions and our reporting. Are we a little biased? Yea, probably, most people are. However to illustrate a point, until 3 days ago I had been running a Radeon 9500Pro that I bought with my own money.
Brian Evans
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