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Originally Posted by kgroombr
If you have a audio cable between your CD/DVD drive, then it could be your CD/DVD drive. I played with it for at least a week or so on mine trying to get it to go away, then my CD drive stopped working. While it was running, I just pushed in the IDE cable to ensure it was seated properly. In the process, I unplugged the audio cable and the thumping stopped. CD drive was still dead, so I replaced it, and all is good to go now.

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I believe that you hit a home run. I started fiddling with the wires, and it appears that either the CD/DVD audio cable has gone bad, or the connector for it on the audio card. I'm getting ready to replace the motherboard, so I will replace both of these along with it. The only thing that seems strange about this, is that the problem only occurred in Linux and not in Windows XP. I would have thought such a problem wouldn't care which platform was used.

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