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Look my friend.
I have the same problems with some directx games: this is the list:

Dungeon Siege
Nascar 2002
Fifa 2002

Other directx games run without a problem:
Starwars starfigther
all the 3d mark, all resollutions, all settings max
war craft
max payne

All the opengl games run too damn good!!

I have tried a lot of things, except updating my bios,. maybe this weekend , or if i cant play the unreal 2003 demo.

so i think the problem is not the video card, neither the mobo, but a bug in the game . Im not sure, anyway, and if somebody fix this weird problem , i hope that drop us a line!!!

This is not a problem for me since im not playing now a directx game, but neverwinter nights.
athlon xp 1.8+, asus a7v 266e, 512 ram, pny geforce ti4600
Sorry for my english
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