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Default Re: eVGA Has 6800Ultras back in production?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
Not a very practical card at all, but damn, thats a collectors item

That was the top of nVidia's line of amazing 6 series cards. I think the 6800s were deffinitely the single biggest leap in performance and features since the old voodoo days. When was the last time (before the 6 series) anyone released a card that more than doubled the performance of their previous top card while still releasing them at reasonable prices?

Im still contemplating whether I want to sell my 6800GT on ebay to make back some of my upgrade money, or if I should just keep it since its an amazing piece of hardware and probably one of the best anyone will ever be able to get for AGP.
It really is a great piece of hardware(Good enough for someone to uhm SUGARcoat it!) as a matter of fact my daughter has my EVga 6800 Ultra in her rig right now.granted she surfs the net and plays Counter Strike Source it still holds up well. Best video card for it's time.
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