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Default What´s wrong....7900GT

I have a problem with my 3dMark05 score=7500p. I seems to be to low compared to others with the same card: 7900gt 560/825. Around 9500 is more likely for this card. I´ve reinstalled windows,tried different drivers,no aa,af or v-sync on,high performance.First I thought my psu was to weak( 350W, 12Va 18A,12Vb 18A ) But I get pretty good scores in 03= 20500p and 06=4800p, so my psu works fine in those tests.

Is there anybody out there who knows what the problem might be?

Compared to other 7900gt-owners I seem to get lower score in test1 and 2 but test 3 with the flying ship seems to be alright. test 1= 29fps, 2=20fps and 3=59fps.

Any ideas?
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