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Default Re: eVGA Has 6800Ultras back in production?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
Not a very practical card at all, but damn, thats a collectors item

That was the top of nVidia's line of amazing 6 series cards. I think the 6800s were deffinitely the single biggest leap in performance and features since the old voodoo days. When was the last time (before the 6 series) anyone released a card that more than doubled the performance of their previous top card while still releasing them at reasonable prices?

Im still contemplating whether I want to sell my 6800GT on ebay to make back some of my upgrade money, or if I should just keep it since its an amazing piece of hardware and probably one of the best anyone will ever be able to get for AGP.
Keep it. I still have my old 6800 gt and 6800 standard. its better than the rubbish i have at the moment anyway.
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