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Default Temp on Dual 6800GT in SLi

When i work in windows, and do anything from 3dstudio to photoshop... my gpu core temp are 71 (the first) and 65 (the other one) ... is it normal?

Also, I've played for 1 hour with NFS: Most Wanted using 1280x1024 AA8x and after i close the game I saw that the temp was 91 and 68 ... but after a few seconds it returned to 71 and 65.

Is it normal to have 91 after 1 hour of play? I got no BSOD, no Freeze, nothing, also... i usually play for 3 hours games such B&W2... and temp, are like that. Pleaseee... tell me it's all ok!

Also... i got this configuration on my pc:

1st 6800GT
--> Sound Blaster Audigy 2
2nd 6800GT

I've got no other free place to mount the Audigy 2.. so the only place it's between the two vga. But i think this wouldn't cause anykind of problem, even because i don't have
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