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See my post about automated kernel update script for nforce mobo. If you don't have nforce mobo, but only the video card, modify the script to leave out any mention of the nforce.src.rpm or its install -ivh statement. This should back up your old kernel and uninstall the driver and GLX in the right order and then reinstall them in the right order. Your boot loader will list your old kernels on start up and let you select among them, but once you recompile the new one, I'm not sure what will happen if you try to load an old one without recompling it back to the old form first. I'm also running RH 8.0 with ASUS nforce mobo AMD XP 1600+ and 512 meg of Mushkin 2,2,2 memory. Runs like a champ and I have gone through 4 kernel updates already without problems.

Good luck;
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