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Default Re: Take the plunge and get 6600GT?

Redeemed i would VERY much appreciate if you could find that article...i have been having major problems deciding which card to get since of the problems i have heard with the 6800's...although it relieves me a little to think that SOMONE's 6800GS worked in a nforce3 board...could you give me a little more detail to what your brother is running overall? psu, etc? driver version?

I have also heard problems with the 6600GT with the nforce3 boards so the risk seems to be the same, although the 6600GT has *less* problems. I am sure it is a driver issue as from what i have read from the hundreds of pages, some driver versions worked better than others. I have already upgraded my BIOS to the latest on my gigabyte board as well as the drivers. I am just going to hope for the best when i get my new antec PSU and this GS.

Only other card ive considered looking at was the ATI X800GTO But it is from sapphire, and the sapphire card i had for the X1600 had major bugs..and that is why i sent it back to get a different card. I am having trouble choosing a card in the 150-200$ range that is AGP and isnt going to make me RMA it :X. So far the GS is what i have decided even though there are hundreds of pages of problems (although i see little mention of the GS in general, mostly 6800 standard and the GT's)
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